About Southern Fire
Why we do what we do.

Hi my name is Dallin Law

Hello, Thanks for visiting us. My name is Dallin Law Owner/operator of the Southern Fire Firearms training company. I started this company because I wanted to increase options for training to citizens so they can defend themselves in the event of critical incidents. With terror threats increasing and civil upheaval occurring all over the country it is more important than ever to obtain the education that will save your life. I believe the more trained citizens in our community the safer the community is going to be.

I have been a NRA and Utah Concealed Carry firearms instructor for 6 years. Law enforcement trained, and Simunitions certified . I have learned from various other instructors with backgrounds in law enforcement, military, SWAT, etc. Giving me a large pool of contacts and knowledge to pull from to better teach my students. My mission is to teach every day ordinary civilians how to fight and survive in armed conflict. I'm supported by my education as well I have an associates in Criminal Justice and a bachelors of science in Criminal Justice Administration. I have also graduated from the Utah Police Officer Standards and Training, Police Academy. I hope you join us in the classroom to better your firearms skills and give you the confidence to defend yourself and your loved ones.

I'm Nick Moore

I was introduced to Firearms in my childhood. I learned to shoot on a 22lr lever action. I have many years of experience with a rifle. I even had a desire to becoming a USMC Scout Sniper. But after High School, I was in an life threatening car accident in April of 1996. In Sept of 1996, I moved to Utah to live with my Father. That is when I meet my wife Mistie. We have been together now 20yrs and have 2 children, 1 Girl and 1 Boy. Recently I took my CCW permit class from Dallin and was hooked. I also recently became an N.R.A. Basic Pistol Instructor. I am currently signed up for CFP instructor class with BCI of Utah.

My name Is Jesse Kerr

I have been involved in shooting sports since I could walk. My father is ex Marine corp sharp shooter and our outings as a kid is where I acquired my love for firearms. My training started early on with shooting in IDPA matches in Colorado and from there I have taken a wide range of training involving tactical and defensive strategies. In utah I have been through BEA training, ASP training and am currently teaching CCW and basic pistol classes here in this great state.